11 bizarre photos of people who haven’t yet fully understood what it means to protect yourself

ince the start of the coronavirus emergency , the virus has “invaded” the chronicle, and we will have to get used to changing many of our daily habits, at least while waiting for the crisis to end. Social distancing and wearing protective gear are among the things that are constantly reminded of everyone in all parts of the world to limit the possibility of contagion.

However, many people still do not understand their true meaning and behave in a way that would be simplistic to describe as absurd. Badly worn masks, extravagant means of protecting oneself in public places, more or less “brilliant” ideas for disinfecting objects, products bearing the name “corona” carefully avoided, permanent indiscipline to continue to meet: here we wanted to collect some – one of the most ironic and least intelligent scenes of the period which we live.

1. Very good use of the glove …

image: LordCinko

2. “Corona” beans: the only ones still available on supermarket shelves …

image: ThePortlandStrangler

3. No a diving mask is not the right solution!

image: rsm386

4. Social distancing revisited in this supermarket

image: rsm386

5. Someone is about to spoil the party on the roof …

picture: kalltvatten

6. Here is a nice sum of tickets after they have been “disinfected” in the microwave

picture: jdk

7. Another product left “intact” on supermarket shelves: beer of the brand “Corona”

image: Cha7l1e

8. If everyone touches the same plastic cover, where is the logic?

image: boberfly

9. Little problem with wearing a mask …

image: corey-in-cambodia

10. “Viruses do not exist, 5G leads to death”: word of motorist registered “Science”.

picture: froooon

11. Not the best way to meet on the rules to maintain for a correct social distancing …

image: SoManyWeeaboos

12. If he eats with the gloves with which he touches everything, it is difficult to protect himself from infections …

image: Necessary-Silver

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