12 hilarious images of disastrous recipes tried by improvised chefs

t a time when, due to forced isolation and the coronavirus pandemic , we are forced to spend many – too many – hours inside the home, many are ingeniously trying to find new, fun and original to make the days less monotonous. Cooking is undoubtedly one of the most popular pastimes: many are those who, in the difficult period we are living, “rediscover” their side as cooks, pastry chefs, pizza makers …

The results ? Often excellent and very tasty, but just as often quite disappointing . Perhaps due to improvisation or a lack of culinary habits, attempts to create cakes and recipes to surprise the quarantined family are not always successful … This is perfectly demonstrated by 12 images we have gathered here for you : hilarious situations where, even if you thought you had done everything right, what came out of the oven was not exactly the best, sometimes even going so far wake up everything except your appetite!

1. Want a “good” chocolate cake? It doesn’t seem very inviting …

image: wendybyrdm / twitter

2. When the bread can’t take it anymore and it wants to come out of the mold …

image: north_london_allotment / Instagram

3. Maybe it’s better to plan a little social distance for cookies too!

image: yasminesalam / twitter

4. A tender rabbit first, then a monstrous dessert!

image: therealfoodvibes / Instagram

5. Before trying your hand at baking, it might be best to learn how to use flour …

image: Brooke_Chicago / twitter

6. This dessert could not wait to come out of its mold, too …

image: moominesthers_kitchen / Instagram

7. It must have been bread …

image: anleduc12 / Instagram

8. It must have been cute, the result a little less …

image: heidi_montana / Instagram

9. It’s surely good but their appearance … are we talking about it ?!

image: Ketanj0 / twitter

10. The macarons have completely exploded and charred …

image: roses4shawna / Instagram

11. Rainbow treats to say “everything will be alright” … We hope it will be better than the result!

image: turinqui / Instagram

12. “Bon” appetite!

image: NYCfirm / twitter

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