7 “nostalgic” images that perfectly sum up the spirit of the 90s

here is something particularly fascinating that revolves around memories of the 1990s . A decade undoubtedly special, made of modernity in germ but without excess like today, of a great “desire for the future”, perhaps due to the new millennium which was looming, and many small and large objects and fashions that really managed to mark an era .

The 90s were perhaps the last decade in the true sense of the term, the last period when pop culture, music, fashion, in short an entire generation, was clearly defined. And many of us still remember the objects, games, activities and idols of those years when smartphones, tablets and social networks had not yet entered the lives of all. We had fun with not much, it’s true, but we had a lot of fun: that’s why we decided to collect here some images that will immerse us in memories of the end of the last century, reliving moments that today are among our most precious memories. Welcome to the 90s!

1. Who has never made this paper creation on the school benches?

image: Alicia Larson / facebook

2. A typical 90s choker!

image: BeautyCare Line / facebookADVERTISEMENT

3. The early 90s still carried the “stigma” of the 80s …

image: unknown / imgur

4. The colored bars: inevitable!

image: CurlyTish / facebook

5. These famous roller skates which almost certainly guaranteed the fall …

image: 70s 80s 90s Kids / Twitter

6. Yes, these shoes were in vogue …

image: Lauren Foster / facebook

7. The good old games of the first home PCs …

image: REV cablebahamas / Facebook

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