Apparently, ‘Poodle Cats’ Are A Thing And They Are Adorable

Cats are pretty incredible creatures. Cats are incredibly smart and independent making them easy companions to live with. Many people will argue that cats are in fact the best companions in the world. They all but take care of themselves, they usually love to cuddle and they have personalities bigger than the largest lions of Africa. Kittens are adorable and as they grow we love them even more. They become a part of our lives and their mischievous behavior becomes infectious and annoyingly adorable. Cats are already pretty awesome but we just stumbled across what is quite possibly the cutest breed of cat I think I’ve ever seen. These cats are so fluffy you won’t believe it. They’re known as Selkirk Rex aka ‘Poodle Cats’ and they are absolutely adorable.

Apparently, 'Poodle Cats' Are A Thing And They Are Adorable

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