Parents Are Sharing Their Quarantine Pics and They’re All Too Relatable

We Can All Relate Right Now

Being stuck at home with your kids can be challenging at the best of times. But when we are forced to undergo quarantine together, we have to start rethinking the way we live and we have no choice but to adapt to the needs of our children. The following parents posted photos of what it’s like to live with their children during quarantine and the results are hilarious.

Green With Envy

If you have more than one child at home during quarantine and you have some paint lying around, you can expect this to happen. It seems like the older sibling was jealous of all of the attention his little sibling was getting and he decided to join in on the chaos.

Green With Envy

This is one of those situations where the younger sibling was setting a very bad example for the older one. “Using my tears to clean the crusted green paint speckled all over our house,” the parent wrote.

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