The world is beautiful because it is strange: 10 objects and situations so extravagant that they deserved a photo

Who has never been confronted with scenes, people or objects so surreal that they deserve a second, more in-depth look  ? Small things to situations, including people, animals or behaviors: in this world, the quirks can be really numerous.

And in reality, we are really surrounded by moments like this : you just have to look at everything with a little more attention to realize it. With the advent of the Internet, social networks and therefore the possibility of immortalizing and sharing everything, any quirk has become within the reach of each of us.

So let’s make room for all kinds of oddities: discover them, be amazed and have fun in the 16 photos that we have collected below!

1. Very special “animal” meetings …

image: unknown / Imgur

2. Hand or foot?

image: MyLeftHand / imgur

3. New tires?

image: GarrettJax / reddit

4. The cake … alien!

image: tfbrown69 / imgur

5. A particular blue fruit

image: CleverD3vil / reddit

6. What then?

image: themiller / reddit

7. Big catch!

image: unknown / imgur

8. The fairy tale car …

image: onduhray / imgur

9. Tomato, strawberry or both?

image: Lil_Brow_Wow / reddit

10. This car may have been bitten by an insect …

image: unknown / imgur

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