These 16 photos for those nostalgic for the good old days

Over time, our habits change and our lifestyle changes. But when you come across an object from the past, you remember the good old days with pleasure.

Sifting through the objects that made our daily lives has its advantages. Indeed, diving back into memories makes you smile and warms your heart. This is why, this series of 18 photos was developed in this article.

1. McDonald’s graphic designer is not the same as before

© thelazydon / reddit  

2. Roller skates were sometimes used as walking shoes

© allegro  

3. Electric chewing gum


4. Wireless mice existed… But it needed a large intermediate case for them to work 

© Sels31 / reddit  

5. The famous yellow bus to go to school (in some countries)

© Listogast / reddit  

6. Children never had enough miniature figures

© 3_T_SCROAT / reddit  

7. These keychains were weirdly to everyone’s taste 

© Gibson1984 / reddit  

8. This American football was the perfect gift for boys

© ThislsMyAccount22 / reddit  

9. Knowing how to handle these yoyos was a very technical art

© Senomaphoenix / reddit  

10. This lock was not very elegant but very effective

© thenewyorkgod / reddit  

11. These pencils were too good to be sharpened

© Today_Is_Not_My_Day / reddit  

12. These audio CD catalogs were really precious

© proudfather1986 / reddit  

13. Going to a fast food was a very respectable and popular outing

© Jeffrey_Strange / reddit  

14. Little girls’ hairstyles looked like a rainbow

© pitbullmom91 / reddit  

15. Data storage spaces differed greatly 

© geekathair / reddit  

16. These audio recorders were popular

© bmess216 / reddit  

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